Session 7: Belisayre

Or, "FBI! Show Yourself!"

Following their successful navigation of the storm and defeat of the sky pirates, the party and crew of the Pegasus spend the next several days making preparations for their insertion into Belisayre. The plan the party settles on relies on stealth – they will drop onto Belisayre from a great height, using the dim light of dusk to navigate while cloaking them from easy detection. They will then have 24 hours to locate Sammael Windwhisper while remaining undetected by the Dragoons or whoever is in charge of Belisayre now, at which point the Pegasus will return to extract them.

Finally, the party reaches Belisayre, where the city lies surrounded by freak storms and rapidly changing weather. Taking an upward tack, they enter the zone of dangerous weather and prepare to drop through wind, pounding rain and lightning. The party sits nervously in the hold of the Pegasus waiting for the signal, until finally it comes and the floor beneath them opens up to darkness and rain. Taking a pair of magecrafted devices constructed by Zev, the party activates two Otiluke’s Resilient Spheres and leap out of the Pegasus, hurtling toward the ground at terminal velocity through the dark as the rain seems to reverse direction around them! After forty seconds of gut-wrenching G-forces and silent free fall, the party sees the ground approaching fast and activates their backpacks to Feather Fall the rest of the way.

Belisayre is silent as the grave as the party touches down, collecting themselves and preparing to move out. Myrrh, shaken by her return to the nightmarish place of her birth, nevertheless identifies exactly where the party is located as well as the nearest likely place to start searching for Sammael. The party sets off, moving swiftly through rubble-choked ruins and side streets, as Kira maintains concentration on the locator device they will use to find Sammael. Turning up nothing at their first location, the party turns toward the Drop, another warren of hiding places that could potentially conceal Sammael. Ellie stumbles into an emaciated drifter hiding under some rubble, and the party bargains away a few rations for some information on Sammael – he is known to the residents of Belisayre as the Stormcaller, a mysterious figure who has wandered the city for years after fighting off the Dragoons upon his arrival.

The party continues on their mission, and are nearly to the Drop when they cross paths with a small pack of Dragoons also stalking through the night. There is a brief, tense fight, but the Dragoons are outmatched, and eight of them fall while two more slink away into the night. The party regroups, now knowing that they have six to eight hours at best before those Dragoons return with reinforcements from their base, a hollowed-out amphitheater known as the Pit. The party redoubles their pace, reaching the Drop and searching it thoroughly. It is then that Kira picks up a presence at the edge of her locator’s detection radius, and the party realizes that Sammael is nearby! They begin to stalk toward his location, moving closer through the darkened streets …



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