Session 4: Casting Off

Or, "Executive Privilege"

The party, fresh from their adventure in the Undercity, takes some downtime to rest. Sebastian and House Kestrel take the artifact to examine. Kira, after fainting in front of the artifact, goes catatonic and unresponsive, curling up in a corner of her room and not emerging. The party divvy up their loot and purchase some new gear, including a flight ability for Lammy.

The party then meets with Sebastian to discuss the next step for House Kestrel and the search for the Citadel. Sebastian tells the party that the artifact is made of adamantine, lending much credence to Bartan’s tale of finding it on the surface. Bartan, for his part, has few details about his time on the surface, but suspects that the artifact somehow helped him get through the surface storms and to the surface. Sebastian then outlines the next step in the Citadel expedition: finding a windcrafter capable of navigating the surface storms. Sebastian, with some input from Corrin and Ellie, describes the tale of Sammael Windwhisper, an elven windcrafter of peerless talent who withdrew from society when his wife died as a result of others’ greed for harnessing Sammael’s skills. Sebastian reported that Sammael’s last known location is Belisayre, and that finding him in this hive of desperation and villany is the expedition’s best shot at success. Myrrh takes some convincing to agree to go back to Belisayre, and the party begins to hash out a plan for finding and extracting Sammael. Finally, Sebastian and the party enter into a formal arrangement to conduct the Citadel expedition as partners, with House Kestrel taking the role of the patron and backer, and the party as the agents. Ammar negotiates a role for the Unifiers in the funding of the expedition.

With the agreement in place, the party prepares to cast off for Belisayre. The party plants misinformation around Elincia as to their intentions while Corrin gathers information about Belisayre. They meet the crew of the Pegasus, one of the fastest trading ships in the skies of Aeris, and her captain, Tess Alvarez. They meet Liam Thornbald, aka Grumps the first mate, Zev, the dashing boatswain, and Sirena, the quiet windcrafter. And finally, they cast off on a course toward Belisayre! Ellie demonstrates her proficiency at air travel, holding her own amongst the crew.

The party and crew soon notice that they are being followed, most likely by agents of a rival house. They continue out past the edge of Elincia’s weather control radius, and continue on without incident until a ship is spotted far below the Pegasus’s course, dead in the air and sending up distress flares. The session ends as Lammy and Corrin set off to investigate the floundering airship, leaping off the deck of the Pegasus to plummet towards the ship below.



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