Session 3: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Open Air

or, "He Was Born for This!"

This session picked up where Session 2 left off, with the party embroiled in a tense fight against the dragonborn bounty hunter Draxos and his crew of mercenaries. Myrrh raced off through the lair’s back entrance in pursuit of the fleeing thug Loreth, while the rest of the party redoubled their efforts against Draxos. However, after Kira and Lammy fell in battle, Corrin called the surrender, and the fight entered an uneasy ceasefire with many party members unwilling to surrender their weapons. After explaining the situation, Ghaz and Corrin were able to convince Draxos that he needed to act quickly to secure the artifact, and he sent his two mages after Myrrh and Loreth, leaving only half his men to contain the rest of the party. Draxos became increasingly intolerant of the party’s unwillingness to cooperate or give up Bartan, who was still hidden above them through Kira’s clever use of the Rope Trick spell. Finally, Draxos threatened to execute Corrin unless Bartan revealed himself. Kira telepathically instructed Bartan to create a distraction, and Ghaz used the opportunity to fire a smoke spell, obscuring the entire party and throwing the situation back into chaos. Kira used the opportunity to dash off after the other runners, while Bartan fled in the opposite direction. The remainder of the party geared up for a second round against Draxos and his remaining lackeys.

Meanwhile, Myrrh’s blinding speed allowed her to quickly catch up to Loreth. She subdued and briefly questioned him about Grell’s destination and whereabouts, before leaving him behind with a coin purse as Draxos’s mages approached in hot pursuit. Myrrh raced through the dark, confusing hacks to the surface of the Undercity, where she saw Grell boarding a small wind skiff with a trio of mercenaries. Making a snap decision, Myrrh leaped on to the wind skiff as it pushed off, barely managing to hang on to a windvane as the ship maneuvered. As Myrrh regained her footing on the ship and grappled with Grell for the artifact, Draxos’s mages arrived from the tunnel and took up pursuit, one taking to the air with a fly spell and the other sniping from the catwalks of the Undercity. What followed was an epic, high speed-chase! Enemies quickly became allies of necessity as a spell took out one of the wind skiff’s crew, making Myrrh necessary to help fly the ship. Close scrapes with updrafts, flying creatures and other wind skiffs resulted in barrel rolls and death-defying stunts. Kira, emerging from the tunnel behind the other combatants, commandeered a hippogriff and dove after the others. Finally, one of the skiff’s mercenaries landed a lucky shot on the mage and broke his concentration, ending the chase as the pursuer fell into the deep blue sky. Not waiting for the airship’s crew to turn on her again, Myrrh dove for the artifact, taking a tethered Grell and his untethered backpack off the side of the ship with her as she fell into the sky – straight into Kira and her irrepressible hippogriff. Stunned by this maneuver, the remaining mercenaries simply gave up the chase, as Draxos’s other mage slipped away into the Undercity.

And finally, as this all took place, the rest of the party took the fight back to Draxos with better odds and renewed vigor. The dragonborn was forced to retreat, but he didn’t get far as several well-placed bolts from Ghaz and Lammy took him down.

Battered, bruised and exhausted, the party limped back to the House Kestrel estate with the artifact and Draxos in tow, and Bartan missing after running off into the bowels of the Undercity. The session ended as the party opened Grell’s backpack to reveal the object of their quest – and as, seeing the artifact for the first time, Kira experienced a sudden pain in her head and blacked out cold.

End of Act I.



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