Session 2: Into the Undercity

or, "Warforged!"

The party, eager to secure Bartan’s artifact, agreed to accompany and safeguard him to the Undercity location where he stashed it, in the hands of a longtime friend named Grell who runs protection for traders with his gang. The party was joined by Ghaz, a gunslinger and longtime employee of House Kestrel, who specializes in securing negotiations such as this. After equipping Bartan with a perfunctory disguise, they set off to the enormous underground street market known as Rainbow Alley.

At Rainbow Alley, they found a contact of Bartan’s, an obese, sausage-fingered merchant named Silas. Silas, delighted to see Bartan and his friends, had not heard anything about Grell in the past 24 hours, but did have some information on the blue dragonborn who accosted the party the previous day – an ex-Tyrian soldier named Draxos, a ruthlessly efficient bounty hunter who had been picking up work for the Strondheim family recently.

Continuing on, the party left Rainbow Alley and Silas behind, venturing into the darkness of the lower hacks. They made their way to the hideout of the Dregs, Grell’s gang, and engaged in terse negotiations with the guard over how many of them could enter the hideout. Eventually, Ghaz’s blunt ultimatum got the whole party in, but alerted the full camp of their arrival. The party entered, finding the area bristling with thugs – a full dozen. Loreth, Grell’s second-in-command, waited for them but Grell was nowhere to be found. Loreth indicated that Grell was in the back with the artifact, and asked if the party had the money. Myrrh blurted out that they did, as Corrin tried to negotiate and Ghaz’s danger senses tingled. Loreth, tired of trying to banter with Corrin, made it clear that negotiation was never going to be an option – Grell was already on his way to sell the artifact to a different buyer. Loreth signaled the attack!

The fight broke out quickly – amid a mostly ineffectual volley of magebow bolts, Myrrh leaped up to attack while Kira levitated Ellie to do the same. Lammy charged up the middle, while Ghaz disarmed and dealt with the thug behind the party. Ammar and Corrin took the center as the thugs closed to melee range. Bartan disappeared into an extradimensional pocket created by Kira. After a short, chaotic fight, several thugs lay unconscious or fallen, while the party still stood – a mighty blow from Ammar brought a sudden silence to the battlefield. However, there was no respite to be had, as a new threat emerged from behind the party – Draxos the dragonborn mercenary and his team of soldiers and mages. The party engaged this new, more dangerous foe, finding unlikely allies in the thoroughly confused and disheartened thugs as a heavily wounded Loreth slipped off into the shadows. Corrin fell, knocked unconscious for a brief moment, managing to croak out “warforged!” as Lammy turned and leapt at Draxos, going toe to toe as Ghaz unleashed a mighty blast of lightning from Lola. The dragonborn snarled, threatening to kill the group if they did not surrender Bartan. The session ended on a cliffhanger, as the party stood bloodied against the forces of Draxos. Will they survive against this team of professional mercenaries? Will they be able to find Grell and the artifact before it’s too late?



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